Friday, March 16, 2012

You choose to be happy. Happiness doesn't choose you.

Hello :)

The weather was SO good yesterday! I was riding my bike to the gym, wearing sunglasses (yay!) and a coat, but on my way back I took the coat off. And it wasn't even cold! In my head it's officially spring right now. Even though the sun isn't shining anymore at the moment. Now is the time to start worrying about tanning my legs (otherwise I don't have the guts to wear shorts without tights), laying in the grass and buying flip-flops and sandals. I love it! : D

This evening me and my boyfriend are going to this hotel at the shore, to celebrate our 2,5 year anniversary. It's gonna our very first 'vacation', even though it's just for one night. My mom gave us a hotel-voucher, so it's for free (for us;). I'm really looking forward to it!

Here's an outfit where I'm wearing my new DIY-shorts! :)

At some point a kitty stopped by to say hi.
And look how pretty she is! :D
okay back to the outfit (;
the shorts!




  1. supermooie foto's!
    x juul

  2. Those shorts are absolutely adorable, and I love the pop of color in the blazer!

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  4. leuke shorts! veel plezier. x

  5. de shorts zien er vet uit! wat een inspiratie ;)


  6. Leuke outfit en foto's! Die kat is echt lovely ♥

  7. Erg leuke outfit, die short is zo mooi! ♥