Monday, January 30, 2012

Stop saying ''I wish'' and start saying ''I will!''


This weekend was the coldest ever, but I didn't notice that until Eric and I went outside to take pictures. And you know, than I'm supposed to take my jacket off and stuff, because otherwise every blogpost would look exactly the same.
So I kept my jacket on until I was warmed up a bit, while jumping up and down and running in circles. Luckily you can't see how stupid that looked in the pictures, yay!:

So after a few minutes, I hung up everything in the weird-but-cool wooden artsy-thing.

and the actual picture-taking could begin!

Of course that day I was so smart to put on my open-toe shoes, which I never wear. Only when it's freezing. Intelligent me.

This is my face after hitting my head and thinking 'shit happens!' :D
Have a nice day!



Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dreams don't work unless you do

Hey :)

Since I've got an essay due tommorow, I decided to update my blog. Doens't make sense to you?
I don't mind.

The weather was quite bad when we wanted to take some pics, so we took them inside the house. I tried thinking of a spot we hadn't photographed yet and we ended up in the attic! So I hope you don't mind the mess, it's part of the attic (;

Here's a teddybear-lifeguard:

What I look like when I just don't get it..

and let's top this off with a big kiss!
Enjoy your day! It's time for me to finish my essay. -help!-



Monday, January 23, 2012

Nothing is really over until the moment you stop trying

Okay, so I thought, let's begin this blogpost with something nice and happy.
Here it is:


I thought it would be a nice thing to start with, since I was kind of upset today. My dad deleted a shitload of pictures, the ones Eric and I took two days ago. It was the kind of photoshoot that actually turned out pretty awesome, so it was really not cool to hear my dad tell me he deleted them. Not on purpose, though, but still. ARGH!

Let's pretend this never happened. Since he didn't delete all the pictures, I can still show a bit of the result of the shoot! Positiveness for the win!

And maybe it would be nice to end this post with two people looking stupid. Yeah that'd be cool.

Here you go!
Be happy and act stupid. Thank you.



Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Quiet people have the loudest minds

Well hi! Let me show you my outfit.

It's got lace-up shoes in it,

and I always seem to unlace my shoes when a picture is taken.

I also burst out laughing when it takes too long for the picture to be taken, but it makes happy photo's!

Of course I wouldn't want my new jewelry to be left unseen, so here's some close-ups,

Another close-up..
Yay! Enjoy your day.



PS.. since I've got 150 followers (hurray!) I'm planning a give-away.. stay tuned!

Happy moments

There's a few things I love about receiving packages... They're send for YOU and no one else and it's exciting to wait for the moment they arrive and..

..sometimes it comes in the cutest little boxes!

It's even better when there's two gifts inside, in stead of one..

And nothing's better than when it actually looks pretty badass too.

It's the smartest thing to order two things at the same time, so you'll receive two packages and double up the fun!

And the fun gets even more when the second gift looks awesome with the shirt you're wearing.
God, how I love ebay.



Monday, January 9, 2012

What would you attempt to do, if you knew you could not fail?


My week was full of awesome! Had some sort of prom, finally gave my Christmas-presents to my boyfriend and had a nice weekend. The prom was really nice, I wore my new nelly-dress for the first time. In the beginning I was wearing a pair of high heels (12cm/5inch), but I must say that it didn't make it easier for me to dance. So I took them off and put on some flats, which I brought there in my purse (so happy I did).
That night when we came back, Eric and I gave each other our Christmas presents. I took us so long, because I ordered something and it took a long time for it to be delivered. Eric got me an electric toothbrush, headset+webcam and some pyjamas, like I asked for! I got him a bracelet and a book and something else. He didn't receive it yet, it was delivered this weekend, so I won't post it here until he gets it haha :)
On saturday Eric and I took some photo's at a 'ghost-station', which was supposed to be a trainstation, but eventually they stopped building it. It's a weird place to be, but a cool location to take pics. Afterwards we went into the city and got ourselves some hot cocoa and pie.

Here's all the photo's!

At the ghost-station:

Hot cocao + pie:

photo's taken by Niek Verlaan.

Have a very nice week!



Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Last years greatest, best, funniest and coolest moments

-listen to this to get in the happy mood-

Standing in the front row at the Flobots concert, which was one of the absolute best concerts I've been to!

Hanging out with awesome people in America!

Getting random sweet notes on my door from a friend.

Nice and intimate concerts from a friend.

Random free stuff! Yay!

Leaving these notes and all the smiles and hearts were taken. It felt so good!

Jumping on the bed. Never grow up.

Star Wars prom with friends and my homemade sheet-dress. Nobody noticed it was a sheet and I got a lot of compliments!

Celebrating my birthday wearing balloons all day (and night).

Watermelons on a superhot summerday, at a barbecue with friends at the lake.

Extreme happiness at random moments!

Happy balloons are the best balloons!

Surpriseparty when I got back from America, first surpriseparty ever and it was AWESOME!

Making super duper extremely tasty cupcakes with a friend!

A bouncy castle next to the dining hall, it was so cool. Made my day 20 times better.

Organizing a high tea with friends (and they liked the cupcakes/chocolates/everything I made, what a satisfactory feeling).

Having my bangs cut straight, wasn't the best idea ever, but it was fun.

Act stupid with Eric and take pictures of it. Always fun.

Going on camp for three days and have the time of my life!

Awesome parties! The kind of party that keeps you happy for days or even weeks.

Really nice weather when it was the time of the year to be shitty weather. Surprises like that are always welcome!

Moving out my parents' house for the first time and find my own place to live in Utrecht!

And of course, celebrating New Years Eve :)