Sunday, September 11, 2011

dream without fear, love without limits

Hi dear readers :)

I've been super busy lately, that's the reason for my lack of posting. Of course I've been to my introcamp and it was awesome. I've met some pretty cool people. The week after that (last week) I've been ill ALL the time. It's still not over and it's super annoying.
And Eric, my boyfriend, found a room, somewhere on the other side of the country. I'm really happy for him, but it kinda sucks that he's so far away now. I'm still looking for my own room in Utrecht, so if anyone knows one for me: let me know! It really is hard to find a place to live there.
Coming tuesday, the 13th, Eric and I have been together for TWO years! :D The same day I will have college for the first time as well, so we'll probably celebrate in the weekend afterwards. We might go to a hotel near the seaside for a few days :)

And here is today's outfit! :