Thursday, March 22, 2012

You can have whatever you are willing to struggle for


Today was totally awesome! I'm writing this post at 0:30 in the morning, so in fact I'm talking about yesterday, but still ;) I have finally been to primark again, the last time was about two years ago. Now you might think something like ''come onnn, it's just a friggin shop!'', but once I decided I needed to go there, I was absolutely determined to do it. I will show all of my purchases next post, I guess that will be friday.
Of course not only primark made my day. It also was a friends' birthday, so I met up with her and some other friends. I hadn't seen them in a very long time and it was good to see and talk to all of them again :)
And, to top it all off, the weather was great! If I wouldn't have been a redhead, I might have gotten a tan. But I am a redhead and getting a tan is a mission impossible ;)

Well, anyways, here's another outfit of mine :)

Enjoy your day! (or night, of course)




  1. Wat een mooie kleur broek! Staat je leuk. x

  2. leeuk! die broek staat je goed ^^

  3. Ik vind je broek echt heel leuk!

  4. Prachtige outfit en geweldige foto's!

    Dankjewel voor je lieve comment!


  5. love it!

    with love,