Thursday, June 30, 2011

we live on front porches and swing life away

Hello sweeties!

This post will have a LOT of pictures, I reduced it a bit, otherwise you might have gone crazy. Also, this will (most) probably be the last post from America. So I guess it's a good thing it contains a lot of pictures (: This saturday I'll fly back to Holland, to arrive on sunday morning.
Last saturday was the graduation ball, with the star wars theme. The next day, sunday, it was my 19th birthday! I threw a small party, hung out with my friends and just had some fun.
I'll show you all the pics, in chronological order!

Two group pics of the ball (I'm in my sheet-dress! I made it without cutting or sewing, just made a big knot.):

The dress:

What I saw the morning I woke up, on my birthday (sooo sweet!):

My balloon-outfit (:

Some presents I got: a tigereye hanger, the most perfect earrings ever (thanks sis!), Ipod nano (thanks bro!), more earrings and chocolate! Hmm!

Monday's outfit:

And today's outfit! I really like to combine the crop top with a high waist skort. It was a really warm day, so If I wanted to cool down a bit, I just raised my arms (;

I also wanted to say that I love you guys. You all really make my day with your sweet comments! Thanks so much!
The weekend is coming up already, so I wish you all a great weekend.



Friday, June 24, 2011

she said ''hello mister, pleased to meet ya''

Hey lovelies,

Had a some very nice days lately. There's been a Italian Street Festival in town and I've been to an awesome lake often. It's called crystal lake, there's beautiful crystals there.
In a week I'll be going home again, I can't believe it. Time has gone so fast! I really don't want to leave everybody behind, I've made so many friends I will never see again. I'll just enjoy my last few days here and have fun (:
Tomorrow is the graduation ball, it has a Star Wars theme. How much more impossible could a theme be!? As if I've got darth vader outfit in my closet, just in case! It'll be awesome anyway. Since I got no dressy dresses with me (wouldn't fit in my suitcase), I made a dress out of a bed sheet. Nothing sewed or cut, cause the sheet is from the campus. I'll show you how it looks after the ball! And sunday it's my birthday, I'll be turning 19:D I'm throwing a party at a reservoir, it'll be awesome.

Now let me show you some things I bought lately:

The mascara is horrible. It was only 1 dollar and it wasn't even worth it. Don't ever buy it.
The hairspray on the other hand, is great! I really like the directions haha. And it smells of watermelon, hmm!
The shampoo is really nice as well, makes my hair supersoft. It still smells like it when I've been to the swimming pool (:

And here's my outfit:

Now I'm gonna go the pool again, have a supernice weekend everybody!



Saturday, June 11, 2011

don't let the bullshit of today convince you that you're not beautiful

Hola hola,

The weather is so annoying. The one day you're laying out by the swimming pool, putting on sunscreen every now and then, because the sun is shining so bright.. the next day it's so cold you need to put on your coat when you're going outside and wear long jeans. Today is a day in between: it's not really warm, but not cold enough for a coat. Jeans are too warm as well. So I just tried something out in between: shorts and tights. Later on the day I took off the waistbelt, it looked better without it. But I was too lazy to take new pictures haha.

My new block has started at school, I'm doing Art in Nature now. It's so funny, everyday we've got an hour to draw something, like a flower. As if you need an hour for it (it doesn't even have to look good or anything). And the first day we had to go out in nature, to feel nature. Which means: just go outside and sit in the grass and come back after 20 minutes. Wow, never had such a relaxed class. And everyday we have to work on our journal, so I bought a small, cute journal in which I draw a bit everyday. It'll be a nice memory when I go back home. Such a weird idea that I'll be back in Holland in already three weeks... times goes by so fast!

So anyway, here's my outfit (:

Oh and: 13th of june is a party-day. That day Eric and I have been together for 20 months :D and it's the birthday of my sweet friend Claudia from , so don't forget to wish her happy birthday! (:

Have a great weekend (:


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams

Hiya followers & readers & anonymous people (:

I've had a weird week. I finished graphic design, but incomplete, because I missed to many classes. The incompleteness-thing got me so stressed that on the last day of school, I had a seizure and the ambulance came. All is good now and the ambulance had not been neseccary. The day after that, friday, I was supposed to go water skiing, but because I was still too weak, I didn't go. I really looked forward to it, so that was a bummer... but yesterday evening there was Art Walk, which was pretty awesome (: There's stands everywhere, bands playing and the city is some sort of museum. Art all over, really cool.
And tonight I've been to some sort of concert, in a theater. That was really weird, because some of the songs were actually dance-songs, but you couldn't dance, because you're sitting. But it was still very awesome, they were really good. I filmed some of it with my phone, but the quality is really bad, so I won't post it here.

Anyway, here is today's outfit:

And another outfit with the same top, from last week:

This is one of my favorite songs at the moment, so relaxing and sweet (:

That is it again for tonight, have a nice weekend!