Tuesday, March 27, 2012

we do what we need to be free

Hello :)

I tried to find the English definition of  'hospiteren', but the word doesn't seem to exist... My brother (who's back to the USA now) told me that in America it's not a big deal to get a house as a student. When we tells his colleagues that I found room in Utrecht, they're all 'okay, so?', while here in Holland we're almost congratulating each other on having our own place. So I guess 'hospiteren' doesn't even exist over there! 
For the non-Dutch readers, I'll try to explain what it is. When a student needs a room, he'll look for one on the internet and leave a message on an advertisement. He might be invited to come over and meet the roommates (that's what 'hospiteren' is), but average amount of people that get invited is about 20. So even when he gets invited, he's only got a chance of 1/20 of actually getting the room. 
Tonight I've got two of those 'hospiteer'-nights. Please wish me luck. I really really want a new room, otherwise I'll have to move back into my parents' house!

(these are my new shorts btw! :)




  1. Leuke outfit en heel veel succes vanavond!


  2. Leuke outfit! Veel succes! x

  3. Mooie outfit en veel succes! En ehh mooi haaar! Liefs

  4. Oh succes! Hoop dat het lukt :) En mooie outfit!

  5. Mooie outfit! En wat een prachtig haar heb jij !

  6. i love this
    x juul