Thursday, September 13, 2012

What my summer was like, part one

Ok, so guys, this post is gonna be huge. At least, huge for my standards. I think I owe you this one, after not blogging the entire summer. I've got my reasons though, which I'll explain later in another post.
There's so many photo's (new stuff, vacations, festival) I wanna show you guys, but I'll start with one thing: everything (or almost everything..) I've bought this summer! And an outfit with every item.

skirt: C&A, studded shorts: Pull&Bear, plain black shorts: H&M

top: Kling (really nice shop/brand we discovered in Barcelona!)

summer dress: no idea. Just some shop in Barcelona.

dress: H&M

blouse: another shop in Barcelona..

floral blazer: same thing as above. Sorry guys, not so useful! haha

top: H&M

blouse: Monki

 top: CoolCat (forreal!) I don't have an outfit with this shirt in this post, I was TOO tired after taking hundreds of pictures. So I'll take picture of it later!

dress: yep, another shop in Barcelona with no name.

The outfits!







and the fun part is..


That's it for now! Have a nice evening.