Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Live in awe!

Hi guys! Welcome in Wonderland ;) Last week I did a little photoshoot with a friend, with the theme 'Dark Alice in Wonderland'. At least, that was the plan. As always, we laughed way too much to make it a 'dark' photoshoot. So instead, it became an ultimately happy Alice in Wonderland :)

Notice this cute top-hat she's wearing!

And this is ultimate happiness captured in a picture :D (I totally love this one)

And then she took some photo's of me, too :)

I luuvv trees.

Have a nice day/evening/night/whatever!



Monday, July 9, 2012

Be the type of person you want to meet

Heyyy guys!

I received my grade for the exam (re-sit) I did last tuesday and I got a 7,3!!! When I saw it I had to keep myself from screaming from joy! :D I never thought I would've done so well, I thought maybe I might have a 5,5. I still can't really believe it. Thursday I've got my very last exam (re-sit as well) and then I'M DONE! I hope I will do just as good as I did on my last exam ;) So now I'm gonna go study again, read articles, books and etnographies. Wish me luck!

I've had a lot of comments lately, asking where I got my clothes or whatever. So I'll try to post it from now on!
Dress - New Yoker, Blazer - La Chica, Shoes - Axi Schoen



Thursday, July 5, 2012

New header + new layout + new outfitpost


As you might have noticed (I sure do hope so...) I drastically changed my layout and header! Still the same colours, though, because it were (and are) happy colours :) My older posts don't look very pretty now, since the pictures aren't outlined anymore. But that's okay, in a few posts they won't be on the homepage anymore. Please let me know what you think!

And of course, with a new layout, comes a new outfitpost (doens't matter to me if this doens't make sense to you). This is what I wore on my birthdayparty as well. The t-shirt and shoes are new. Yes, I know it's just a basic black t-shirt, but I didn't have one yet. I don't have any proper basics. I'm busy getting myself some good basics, like this t-shirt and I'm still looking for a black highwaisted jeans. Is that really a basic though?


The outfit!

Let's conclude this post with an almost-fell-on-my-face-picture.

Okay, so, let me know what you think of my new layout and stuff!



Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Don't tell God you've got a big problem, tell your problem you've got a big God!

Hey guys!
On the picture above you can see what my birthday'cake' looked like! I went on a boat-trip with my parents, sister, brother-in-law and boyfriend in Amsterdam last weekend, to celebrate my birthday. My sister made all kinds of healthy snacks :) the weather was great and it was an awesome day.

These are the presents I got! (I got the shoes on the right, the blazer, tshirt and piercings myself though, but it was a birthdaypresent! From me to me.) I reaaaally love the JC lita look-a-likes and they make me so tall. It's awesome not being tiny for once. And I got a cupcakemaker from my parents! Yay! Another present, I couldn't take a picture of, is that I can pick a salsaworkshop :)

And a few pictures of my birthdayparty :)

This was the first time of seeing each other in about 5 years, I think you can tell how frightened of me he was ;)

That's it for today! I'll update with an outfit-post again soon. All I've got to do right now is studying for one last exam (had the second last one today and it didn't go exactly as well as I hoped), so I've got a little bit more time to update my blog! :)

Have a nice week!