Wednesday, March 30, 2011

since it's impossible not to make mistakes, make the best mistakes possible

Hmm I'd to sleep like this in summer. Happily summer is getting closer each day <3

Well, hello, by the way. I've got a lack of posts the last week(s?), it's purely because there's nothing to show. My outfits are simple and boring and I didn't do that much either. Anyhow I remembered I took some pics with Eric a few days ago, when the sun was shining for the first time again. We actually took a sunbath! (It wasn't really very warm though, but that doen'st matter.) Yesterday I got a bit of a tan, so to me it's officialy spring! Hooray!
Okay so here's the photo's Eric took of me:

And one I took of him:
Oh and I finally cleaned up my room. It was really, really bad. I am so proud I have to show you.. this is before:
and after:

Looking better eh! Afterwards I got bored and made a drawing. I drew a girl in a magazine (you might have noticed I have this addicted for magazines.. there's a pile of them, higher than one metre, next to my bed) But anyway, this is the drawing :)

so that's it again for today, have nice evening, morning or afternoon, whenever you might be reading this.

I got the job! :D



Tuesday, March 22, 2011

and being by your side is the only thing on my mind

To stay in the perfect-houses-mood... whohooo!
Who hasn't dreamed of a slide in their room!

so, hello (;
this evening I'm going to Walibi World (funfair) to see if I can work there!
I would work at the photo-stands, where one can buy pictures, taken during a ride on a roller coaster. I reaaaally hope they'll employ me, so wish me luck!

This is my outfit for today, you can see the good weather makes me happy (;



ps; this is my favourite song, it's soo happy!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

if I were tiny I would sleep on a marshmellow

Holy shit I want to live here. Damn, live would be so good.
but anyway,


Went to a clip-recording of Stating the Obviouz, which was a lot of fun (: the only thing is, I was headbanging and now my neck hurts haha.
Well, here's what I wear now:

And an 'older' outfit;


Monday, March 14, 2011

let's swallow fireflies and shine from the inside

Hi everyone!

I've had quite a rough week, having some difficulties at home and it's making me feel awful. But I try to think of the things that make me smile, such as the fact that I found a job! I also went out this weekend and I danced my ass off, it was really nice.
Soooo, I thought it would be nice to put some nice memories together!

the fashionshow in my senior year

girls night at my friends house

enjoying a nice party

vacation in Jordan, we went on a camelride and slept in the desert

my first 'date' with Claudia (;

winter sports vacation with school, the first time I actually snowboarded with succes (;


My 18th birthday party

this nice man in Jordan who wanted to dress me like a native

dancing while taking pictures

every memory with Eric

just go out and have a nice time

staying up ALL night in Amsterdam being tipsy

vacation in Italy and making new friends

celebrating summer with a friend!

tell me something that makes you smile (:



Tuesday, March 8, 2011

i fell in love last night and i was dancing the whole way home

Helloooo everyone!
Great weather it has been lately, I love it (:
Still haven't very much last week, still looking for a job. I hope today I'll finally find one.
And today it's my sisters birthday! As well as one of my friends, so happy birthday to both of them ^^

This is what I wear now:

And an outfit from last week: