Wednesday, March 14, 2012

If your dreams don't scare you, they're not big enough

Ladiessss and gentlemen,

Let me introduce you to... my new shorts! :)

I made them last week and I will quickly show you how I did. It's really easy! All you need is a pair of jeans, scissors, about 1,5 meters of lace and sewing machine. (The 'studs' were already on there, but you can buy studs and add them yourself as well)

First, get a pair of jeans that fit perfectly, but you never wear. These jeans I've had for about 2 or 3 years already, but I don't ever wear them anymore. So I drew two lines of how I short I wanted to cut it (make sure both legs are equal of length!) and then just cut the legs off.

Second, you'll need to hem it. This is important, even if you might want your shorts to look destroyed, because if you don't, your new shorts will soon fall apart in threads ;)

When you're done hemming, we're gonna add the fun. Get your piece of lace and pin it to the shorts. While sewing it, get the pins out piece by piece, so the lace stays in place where you didn't sew it yet. Sew the lace on two places: on the top and the bottom. This might be necessary, because otherwise the lace might curl up when you put it in the washing-machine.

Done! It's that easy :) This is the result:

Next post I'll show you an outfit where I'm wearing these shorts :)

Also, today I bought two new nail-polish top coats. Not just regular ones, effect top coats!
One's sort of holographic and the other one's a flakie and also slighlty holographic.

I tried taking pictures of how it looks, but it was really hard haha. I couldn't capture the effect in a photo really well, but anyway.. this is 'have an ice day':
This effect topper shows all the colours of the rainbow, when light hits it. I love it!

This is 'shake it! flake it!', but you really can hardly see anything on the picture. So I'll just tell you: when light hits it, it shows all kinds of reds, oranges and yellows. It's really cool :)
Btw, I was already wearing the silver nail-polish. Only the sparks of colour visible, is the effect topper!

So... have fun!




  1. Ik ben je blog nu met bloglovin gaan volgen!

  2. thanks for the sweet comment u left on my blog...
    i love the DIY project on the demin shorts!!!

  3. perfect DIY!

  4. Echt een super leuk shortje!!


  5. Dat broekje is echt leuk! Wil je me terugvolgen?
    Ben vandaag een nieuwe blog gestart! x

  6. ah wat lief dat kantje op je short :)