Thursday, December 29, 2011

Your only limits are the sizes of your ideas


I hope you have had a nice Christmas :) mine sure was! From friday the 23th till sunday the 25th me, Eric and his family stayed at an former farmhouse. We've been there before 1,5 year ago and it was real much fun :) The entire weekend we played games like scrabble, ping pong and foosball. I've especially trained my foosball skills, the day after my arm hurt real bad haha. I've also cooked for the family, but not on my own of course. A lot of people were cooking! I tried to make ravioli myself, but I didn't work out. Too bad, cause it had taken a lot of time to make the dough and stuff. Luckily I also made pumpkin-soup, which turned out really tasty! The day I got home I made it again, for my own family. Played some more scrabble and spent the day with my parents, sister and Eric.
I also did a bit shopping. I'll give a summary of my week(end) in pictures:

A quick outfit post on the first day we arrived at the farmhouse. This is in our sleeping room, we dragged the mattresses on the floor to make a double bed, that's why there's mattresses missing in the actual beds:

I tried to give my nails a Christmas look, but that didn't really work out. The stars fell off already an hour later!
Taking pictures with Eric in our bedroom:
What the farmhouse looked like from the inside and me trying to make ravioli:

And last but not least: my new clothes! The floral top is bought at H&M, as well as the grey crop top.

The minty green dress is from nelly (YAY it's SO pretty! I'm gonna wear it at prom next week!) and the aztec top is from New Yorker.

So that was my week! How was your Christmas? For now, have fun preparing for new years' eve :)



Thursday, December 22, 2011

why are you trying so hard to fit in, when you were born to stand out?

Hello (:

Yesterday I thought about this sentence I read a few weeks ago ''When was the last time you did something for the first time?''. I realized that almost everyday there's something I'm doing for the first time, even though not all of those things are a big deal (to others). From now on I'm gonna try to think of doing something new, every single day, and write it down. Yesterday I did a few things for the first time in my life!

- first order at a big online shop

- ate steak for the first time (just a tiny little piece. I'm a vegeterain, but I want to try out everything. Eric and I went out for dinner and he had steak. I had pasta pesto, which was delicious. Okay, off topic, let's go on with the new stuff: )

- had more than 800 euros on my bank-account (not anymore by now haha)

I might wanna plan something new to do everything, so that everyday has something awesome and special. I'm thinking about what I might do today. Not quite sure yet. If you have some awesome ideas, let me know! :)

Anyway, let's get back to the routine of my blog, the outfit-pics. The pics themselves aren't something new, but I guess every photo apart is a new one.. Yeah it is. This outfit is from a few days ago:

Okay, I'm sorry the photo's aren't all that charming. I like talking to Eric when he takes the pictures and it makes me look really weird.. haha

And I bought these beauties yesterday! I haven't had the thought ''YEAH I've got new shoes, yay yay yay'' in a while. This morning I had that thought! :D
I hope you will do something awesome today you will remember forever and tell your grandchildren about one day.



Monday, December 19, 2011

do something your future self will thank you for

Hey all,

I don't really know what to say, cause I'm so tired I can hardly think. I don't what it is these days, but I'm extremely tired all of the time. I mean, okay, yes, I do go to bed too late. But I've been doing that for such a long time already and all of a sudden I'm tired like this.
Anyway, I should stop whining about such stupid tiny things and enjoy my free time, now that I don't have to go to college for two weeks! I'm starting to build up a nice social life here in Utrecht and I really enjoy it. That way I don't have to be bored during my vacation :) Friends come over for sleep-overs almost every week and I go all over the country to visit everyone, which I really enjoy as well.
Last week I went to three parties, including two birthdays and it was so much fun. It's so good to see all of my old high-school friends again and hear how they're doing!
Also, when I went to my parents' house I found this old silver nail polish I've had for about ten years already. I thought it would be completely dried out already, but it was still perfectly liquid! I took a photo of it, which you can find at the end of this post. For now, this is one outfit from the last few days

I should really go to sleep now. Good night y'all!



Tuesday, December 13, 2011

if you wanna fly, you've got to give up the shit that weighs you down

When I'm old and rich enough, I will build this. This WILL happen one day! And it will be big enough for me and not only for kids.. (;

Let me show you what my weekend was like.. It all started at Bagels&Beans, a place I really really love. When you enter it feels like summer, even though it's almost winter and the Christmas decorations are all over town. The people are nice, the ambiance is good and even the menus are cute! And then, the moment you take the first bite of your freshly baked bagel, hmmmmm!

NOM. Okay and after that, Eric and I took some outfitpics outside. It was freezing, so I tried jumping up and down to keep myself warm. Didn't really work out that well, but it makes the pics look happy!

That evening we found out some cool settings on my camera and took an enormous shitload of pictures like these:

and many many more, but that would be wayyy to much for a blogpost.
Now I'll just wish you all a very nice week.