Monday, May 30, 2011

do more of what makes you happy

Hi again readers!

Thank you all for your super sweet comments! They really make my day :) and of course also thanks to the new followers, just 1 one more and then I've reached the 100! Whoohoo!
A few days ago I thought I should do a give-away when I had 100 followers, because I thought I'd be back in the Netherlands at that time. But it getting really close now, so I think I'll do one when I've got 150 followers :) I don't think it'll be smart to do it when I'm still in America, since the biggest part of my followers are from the Netherlands.

But anyway, I had same awesome days lately. Yesterday I did so many things in just one night! After dinner in the dining hall at campus me and my friends went to some sort of pub, where would be a concert. But there was somebody else playing than we expected, so we went somewhere else and played spin the bottle, like we're still 13 haha. Afterwards we went to one of my friends' room and played truth or dare, which was really much fun. I promised another friend I'd come to a party, so I went there and danced my ass off. When a friend brought me home, we stayed talking in the car for hours and at 3 o'clock in the morning we decided to go Hyvee to get mango juice and chocolate haha. I went to bed at 5.
Maybe it's not all really interesting to read, but it was really awesome :D

Then I'll just show you my outfits now, this one is from a few days ago:

And this one's from yesterday afternoon:
And in the evening I changed it to this, since it was an ''Funky Pants Party'', so I thought I should funk up the shorts a bit (;

And some photo's from a few days ago, when a friend was giving a little concert:

That's it again, I hope you have (had) a great day!



Thursday, May 26, 2011

I hope you will always find a reason to smile

Hello dear readers (:

Don't have really very much to say, just had a nice week. I took some pictures at some sort of concert two days ago and they turned out pretty awesome, so I'll them to you next post (: Becauseee, I'm showing you guys my purchases from last sunday now!
And today I went for a long walk, ate carrots and listened to Bob Marley and Gorillaz. Pretty awesome.
And another something, three new followers in one night, that's a record! Thanks!

So here are my purchases:

forever21 shorts

forever 21 hanky top

feather and bird -earrings, also from forever21 (I loved that shop omg)

Target playsuit

Forever21 tanktop

Forever21 shorts

Forever21 necklace.

And no, I am not advertising for forever21 haha.
I really REALLY need to go to bed now. It's almost 4 o'clock in the morning.
So goodnight/goodmorning!



Tuesday, May 24, 2011

you are my idea of beautiful

Hey everybody,

Just a quick update (:
Yesterday I went shopping with a few friends in Iowa City, at a huge shoppingmall. It was really nice and I bought some pretty things (: I've only been to two shops, Target and Forever21, but that didn't really matter. Both shops were awesome. But in the middle of the day, we all got a warning that a tornado was coming our way and all of a sudden everybody in the mall had to leave the shops and find shelter. 15 minutes later it was over. I just read that because of the tornado of yesterday, elsewhere there's at least 116 fatilities. That made me realize how lucky we were, there wasn't even the slightest bit of damage.
After the shopping we went to a Thai restaurant, which was really nice as well (:

But anyway, this is today's outfit and at the same time a sneakpeak of my purchases of yesterday (which I will all show next post!) :

and my fav song at the moment (:



Saturday, May 21, 2011

if people are trying to bring you down, it only means you're above them

Hey everybody (:

I haven't done that very much last week, but it overall it was quite good. Of course I went to school, I'm doing Graphic Design this month. Next month I will do Art & Nature, here all the classes are just for one month and you choose them yourself (:
But the graphic design lessons are good most of the time, sometimes it's really frustrating when a design doesn't work out the way I want it to. I just worked on a photo mirage project and I made, like, 4 designs which looked superugly and cheesy and it made me crazy aargh. I started over again every hour. But today I made one I was quite satisfied with and some classmates liked it as well, so I'm happy. (;

A few days ago there was this lady and when she passed me by, she said ''What is this, a nightclub, sheesh!'', while I was wearing a supernormal outfit.. A waistskirt with a tanktop, whoohoo. That can't be that slutty. But, okay. Whatever (;
As for the rest I'm really enjoying my time here, I meet new people from all over the world everyday and it's a great environment.
Yesterday I went to some sort of mini-concert (of dubstep! How awesome) and tomorrow I'm going shopping in Iowa City with some friends (:

Here's a pic of friends and me and one of our student center, where the dining hall is, amongst other things:
How I look today:

And something that hung on my door (not anymore, since all the smiles are taken, yay!)

This is it for today, I will update soon to show my purchases (:



Monday, May 16, 2011

make somebody happy everyday, even if it's yourself


After 2 weeks I'm finally updating my blog (: And the special thing is, in all the time I haven't posted anything new, I've got 5 new followers! So welcome newbies (;
Of course I've got lots to tell. Wednesday last week I arrived in America. My flight went well -luckily-, I was so scared something would go wrong, like losing my luggage. But yay, that didn't happen. I had a few days before school began: I came here to study for two months. The university I'm staying is called Maharishi University of Management and this is a special one, I can tell. The thing is, everbody here meditates. I was taught TM (Transcendental Meditation) when I was ten years old, so this is nothing new for me. It's also really cool that here's people from all over the world. In our dining hall -we live on campus- there's Europeans, Asians, Americans, Africans, everything.
I live in a girlshouse; no boys allowed. It's a really big building, full of rooms for the girls and bathrooms, laundry rooms, ironing rooms and even phone rooms, for who doesn't have one.
I love the fact that the entire building is full of positive quotes. In the bathrooms and halls it's everywhere (:

Luckily I already knew some people when I came here. I also made a lot of friends the first day, so that's really cool. When the weather is good, we go to the reservoir to swim and lie in the sun. When it's rainy (like today and yesterday :c) we go watch movies in our own private cinema. Yesterday we went bowling and watched a movie in the car of one of my friends. He had a tv-screen and laptop in his car and so we could just watch it in the car. That was pretty awesome.

Now I'll show you how it all looks like here! This is my room:

The bathroom and a picture/quote from the hallway:

The hallway and my closet:

And my outfit from yesterday:

The outfit from today:

And when I get bored, I just dance around my room.
That's it again for today, dear readers! I hope you all have a great day and I'll try to update a little quicker this time (;



Monday, May 2, 2011


Hello (:

In two days I will be on my airplane to America! I cleaned up my room, I'm busy packing my bags and had a little goodbye-party. I organized a high tea last friday and invited a few friends. It was really cool! I made some delicious baked goods and sweets, such as blueberry muffins, white chocolate truffles, oreo bonbons and butter cake. That last one was a bit unsuccesfull, the entire cake fell apart, but that wasn't a problem. Crumbs are just as tasty (;

But anyway, I said I'd show the rest of the pictures Claudia and I took, and here they are:

That's it! Next post I'll be in America (: