Wednesday, February 22, 2012

my eyes are my favorite part of me; not for how they look, but for how they see.

Hola! :)

you can still join my GIVE-AWAY! :)

A few weeks I signed up for this thing called BuddyGoDutch and since last week I've got an international buddy! The organisation makes couples of one Dutch and one international student. Then every two weeks (or more often, if you like) you will meet and do awesome stuff. Like yesterday, there was a salsa-workshop and it was a lot of fun! I've already had salsa lessons before (I finished beginners 1 and 2), but that was about two years ago, so me memory needed some refreshment. And salsa music makes me happy :)

Now let me show you some things I bought the last few days!

I bought this bracelet at H&M, it was only €1,-!
The label says that today's youth should be more focused on peace and that 10% of the sales price will be donated to the project. It costs €1,-. This project must be really big. (;

Also from H&M, this dress:
And two new nail polishes! Yay! My addiction. This one's called Genius in the Bottle:

What it looks like:

And this one's called Iced Strawberry Cream (yum):

What it looks like:
Yesterday I rediscovered the Sims 2, so I'm gonna play that now.
Have a nice day!




  1. Dat gouden lakje ziet er echt stoer uit! :)

  2. Genius in the bottle nagellak ziet er echt betoverend uit! Mooie titel van de post, trouwens :) X

  3. Echt leuke aankopen! Dat gouden lakje is mooi!

  4. Hele mooie nagellakejes en cute armbandje!

  5. love your jewellery & nail polish!

    thanks for the comment on my blog,

  6. ik denk dat je rediscovered bedoelt ipv reinvented :)

    ik vind vooral je ring cool, en ik wil die genius in a bottle!!

  7. yeah die ring is echt super vet!

  8. Mooie armbandjes en die ring is super. :D

  9. love the nails!!