Monday, February 20, 2012

If you are waiting for a sign from the universe.. THIS IS IT! Now go big.


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Haven't done very much lately, I feel so lazy! I even skipped college today, because I was tired. Tired of doing nothing, I guess.
This month I will have my nose pierced. I've wanted since may last year already and I think it's time! I've got the money now and my parents didn't die when I told them. My mom was staring at her feet in disappointment ,though, but she'll get used to it. ;) Also I'm going to sign up for the gym again and I feel so good about it. This is gonna be an awesome month. (ah well, you might think, this month hasn't even ended yet, what the hell are you talking about. In a few days I'm receiving my study finance, so that's when the month starts. Period.)

Here's my outfit from last saturday!




  1. Wow! Een neuspiercing! Wat tof!
    Ik ben heeeel benieuwd hoe hij je zal staan ;D En wat een heerlijk positieve blogpost zeg!

    xx pel de pinda Claudia 8D

  2. superleuke foto's! je ziet er echt geweldig uit, dat bloesje staat je heel goed! ♥

  3. Wat heb jij een leuke stijl! Mooie foto's.

  4. ah wat heb je mooi haar!
    nice van je piercing, gewoon doen! Ik laat binnenkort een microdermal zetten in mn pols (: x

  5. Ik kan echt niet vaak genoeg zeggen hoe mooi ik jouw haar vind! Leuke outfit ook. (: