Thursday, December 29, 2011

Your only limits are the sizes of your ideas


I hope you have had a nice Christmas :) mine sure was! From friday the 23th till sunday the 25th me, Eric and his family stayed at an former farmhouse. We've been there before 1,5 year ago and it was real much fun :) The entire weekend we played games like scrabble, ping pong and foosball. I've especially trained my foosball skills, the day after my arm hurt real bad haha. I've also cooked for the family, but not on my own of course. A lot of people were cooking! I tried to make ravioli myself, but I didn't work out. Too bad, cause it had taken a lot of time to make the dough and stuff. Luckily I also made pumpkin-soup, which turned out really tasty! The day I got home I made it again, for my own family. Played some more scrabble and spent the day with my parents, sister and Eric.
I also did a bit shopping. I'll give a summary of my week(end) in pictures:

A quick outfit post on the first day we arrived at the farmhouse. This is in our sleeping room, we dragged the mattresses on the floor to make a double bed, that's why there's mattresses missing in the actual beds:

I tried to give my nails a Christmas look, but that didn't really work out. The stars fell off already an hour later!
Taking pictures with Eric in our bedroom:
What the farmhouse looked like from the inside and me trying to make ravioli:

And last but not least: my new clothes! The floral top is bought at H&M, as well as the grey crop top.

The minty green dress is from nelly (YAY it's SO pretty! I'm gonna wear it at prom next week!) and the aztec top is from New Yorker.

So that was my week! How was your Christmas? For now, have fun preparing for new years' eve :)




  1. Dat klinkt echt heel erg gezellig. En zo ziet het er ook uit! Het ziet er wel uit alsof het heel goed gelukt is (het eten!). Je hebt leuke dingen gekocht en ik ben nog steeds heel jaloers op jouw uiterlijk! Hihi.

  2. hey thanks for the follow...
    i love your blog and im following you back:)))

  3. Gaaf die nagels! En wat heb jij mooie ogen, zeg (:

  4. Leuke outfit! En wat een mooie schoenen! Van welk merk zijn die?

    xx Marije

  5. Mooi jurkje, die van! x

  6. Leuke foto's en mooi dat kerstmis zo geslaagd was =]! Alvast veel plezier met nieuwjaar =D! En leuke nagels <3!

    ps. I follow you =]! Volg je me terug <3??

    xxx Katy ^^!

  7. Oh wat is dat groene jurkje mooi zeg! Leuke foto's, vooral die van jou met je vriend. (: X

  8. Wat een leuke foto's met je vriend! Happy new year!!

  9. Leuke foto's, ziet er wel een gezellig kerstfeest uit :) ! Je nieuwe bloesjes van H&M vind ik héél erg leuk, jammer dat je nagels het niet zo lang hebben gehouden.. Nog een gelukkig nieuwjaar ;) !