Monday, May 16, 2011

make somebody happy everyday, even if it's yourself


After 2 weeks I'm finally updating my blog (: And the special thing is, in all the time I haven't posted anything new, I've got 5 new followers! So welcome newbies (;
Of course I've got lots to tell. Wednesday last week I arrived in America. My flight went well -luckily-, I was so scared something would go wrong, like losing my luggage. But yay, that didn't happen. I had a few days before school began: I came here to study for two months. The university I'm staying is called Maharishi University of Management and this is a special one, I can tell. The thing is, everbody here meditates. I was taught TM (Transcendental Meditation) when I was ten years old, so this is nothing new for me. It's also really cool that here's people from all over the world. In our dining hall -we live on campus- there's Europeans, Asians, Americans, Africans, everything.
I live in a girlshouse; no boys allowed. It's a really big building, full of rooms for the girls and bathrooms, laundry rooms, ironing rooms and even phone rooms, for who doesn't have one.
I love the fact that the entire building is full of positive quotes. In the bathrooms and halls it's everywhere (:

Luckily I already knew some people when I came here. I also made a lot of friends the first day, so that's really cool. When the weather is good, we go to the reservoir to swim and lie in the sun. When it's rainy (like today and yesterday :c) we go watch movies in our own private cinema. Yesterday we went bowling and watched a movie in the car of one of my friends. He had a tv-screen and laptop in his car and so we could just watch it in the car. That was pretty awesome.

Now I'll show you how it all looks like here! This is my room:

The bathroom and a picture/quote from the hallway:

The hallway and my closet:

And my outfit from yesterday:

The outfit from today:

And when I get bored, I just dance around my room.
That's it again for today, dear readers! I hope you all have a great day and I'll try to update a little quicker this time (;




  1. Super leuke foto's! En gefeliciteerd met je nieuwe followers :)

  2. Klinkt heel tof! En het ziet er ook leuk uit!

  3. Lekker blog! I feel so special, I'm the cool guy with the car tv. Tot ziens, it'll be gezellig ;)

  4. Ey ziet er leuk uit! Ben weer blij met een nieuwe blogpost ^^

  5. gaaf dat je daar nu bent zeg! Leuk om de foto's te zien hoe het allemaal eruit ziet!

  6. Leuke kamer zeg, echt gaaf dat je dat zomaar durft, een ander land, zou ik niet durven hoor!
    Je outfits zijn ook leuk.

    Liefs, Ellen

  7. wauw, dat is zo onwijs cool! wat geweldig dat de sfeer op de uni zo goed is. Ik ga je volgen! vind het interessant te lezen hoe je leven daar is (:


  8. die outfits zijn zo mooi! en ik vind je foto's echt héél leuk! ;)

  9. great post, both these outfits look wonderful on you, i especially love the skirt in the first one!

  10. Die eerste foto is leuk!
    Mooie rokjes ook :D x

  11. Dat klinkt echt gaaf! Wat voor studies doe je precies en heb je na 1 maand die lessen volgen dan ook al een diploma? Ik weet echt nog niet wat ik over 2 jaar wil gaan doen, dus moet me maar een beetje gaan verdiepen, haha!
    En je hebt echt mooi haar zeg!

    Ps, vergeet niet mee te doen met m'n give-away;

  12. I love that long necklace of yours. It's so gorgeous.
    And that first picture is fantastic. I love the message that it sends.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  13. your school sounds so cool! love your outfits :)

  14. Dat eerst plaatje is echt geniaal,
    en het klinkt echt alsof je een droom leeft! Dat eerste rokje is trouwens echt prachtg

    Kijk op mijn blog voor de Give-away,
    Je kan een kadobon van 10 euro van de site winnen!

  15. Meditating!
    I wish I knew how. It sounds fun.
    I should google it.

    And I'm one of those newbies!
    Hello! ^^

  16. Haha die foto is gaaf,
    en oeps haha laat maar!
    Nu heb ik al antwoord op m'n vragen XD
    Supergaaf zeg!
    Hoe kende je die mensen voordat je er kwam dan al? :O :D