Saturday, May 21, 2011

if people are trying to bring you down, it only means you're above them

Hey everybody (:

I haven't done that very much last week, but it overall it was quite good. Of course I went to school, I'm doing Graphic Design this month. Next month I will do Art & Nature, here all the classes are just for one month and you choose them yourself (:
But the graphic design lessons are good most of the time, sometimes it's really frustrating when a design doesn't work out the way I want it to. I just worked on a photo mirage project and I made, like, 4 designs which looked superugly and cheesy and it made me crazy aargh. I started over again every hour. But today I made one I was quite satisfied with and some classmates liked it as well, so I'm happy. (;

A few days ago there was this lady and when she passed me by, she said ''What is this, a nightclub, sheesh!'', while I was wearing a supernormal outfit.. A waistskirt with a tanktop, whoohoo. That can't be that slutty. But, okay. Whatever (;
As for the rest I'm really enjoying my time here, I meet new people from all over the world everyday and it's a great environment.
Yesterday I went to some sort of mini-concert (of dubstep! How awesome) and tomorrow I'm going shopping in Iowa City with some friends (:

Here's a pic of friends and me and one of our student center, where the dining hall is, amongst other things:
How I look today:

And something that hung on my door (not anymore, since all the smiles are taken, yay!)

This is it for today, I will update soon to show my purchases (:




  1. leuke outfits en mooie foto's! haha wat enorm vaag dat iemand commentaar had op je kleding!

  2. De eerste foto vind ik echt heel leuk!

  3. superleuke foto's, vind je outfit helemaal geweldig!

  4. i like the top and cardigan! :)

    i'm your new follower.

  5. super outfit! ben fan van je shirtje!

    Vergeet niet op me te stemmen, ik ben genomineerd voor blog van de maand op

  6. I love those happy quotes at the start of everypost.
    You make me smile. (: