Monday, May 30, 2011

do more of what makes you happy

Hi again readers!

Thank you all for your super sweet comments! They really make my day :) and of course also thanks to the new followers, just 1 one more and then I've reached the 100! Whoohoo!
A few days ago I thought I should do a give-away when I had 100 followers, because I thought I'd be back in the Netherlands at that time. But it getting really close now, so I think I'll do one when I've got 150 followers :) I don't think it'll be smart to do it when I'm still in America, since the biggest part of my followers are from the Netherlands.

But anyway, I had same awesome days lately. Yesterday I did so many things in just one night! After dinner in the dining hall at campus me and my friends went to some sort of pub, where would be a concert. But there was somebody else playing than we expected, so we went somewhere else and played spin the bottle, like we're still 13 haha. Afterwards we went to one of my friends' room and played truth or dare, which was really much fun. I promised another friend I'd come to a party, so I went there and danced my ass off. When a friend brought me home, we stayed talking in the car for hours and at 3 o'clock in the morning we decided to go Hyvee to get mango juice and chocolate haha. I went to bed at 5.
Maybe it's not all really interesting to read, but it was really awesome :D

Then I'll just show you my outfits now, this one is from a few days ago:

And this one's from yesterday afternoon:
And in the evening I changed it to this, since it was an ''Funky Pants Party'', so I thought I should funk up the shorts a bit (;

And some photo's from a few days ago, when a friend was giving a little concert:

That's it again, I hope you have (had) a great day!




  1. wow, nice outfit en foto's! :)

  2. Wauw, mooie foto's en superleuke outfit!

  3. Bedankt voor je reactie! Ik studeer nu grafisch vormgeving en wil dat echt niet nog een keer doen haha, misschien is die talen reis wel iets inderdaad! Dankjewel, ik ga daar zeker even naar kijken voor volgend jaar, want dan ben ik klaar met deze opleiding. Jij heel veel plezier nog iniedergeval!


  4. I'm from Australia. Haha
    I really like how your earrings look agasint your hair colour.

  5. Die shorts zijn echt super leuk! <3

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  7. I loved that angled shot on Mirj's fb, but these are great too. Lets have a 100 party anyways!
    ps: dont lie, it was peach!

  8. i love the photos. and the necklace in the first outfit photos are great!! :)

  9. Great looks, I love your awesome blue shorts :) and not long till 100 followers now, congrats! :D

    Day By Diva
    Day By Diva

  10. Hele mooie outfits! <333
    love it!
    heb je misschien zin om mee te doen aan mijn Giveaway?(: op

  11. very very beautiful post!!! Your outfit is fantastic lovely shorts with that tone of blue!


  12. Holycrap Loes!
    Die jongen is schattig!
    Haha 8)
    Oh trouwens, ik bedacht me dat (gezien mijn sociale isolement) ik niet eens weet tot wanneer je in Amerika zit, en of je daar op campus gewoon zit of bij een gastgezin?!
    (aangezien je om 5 uur pas ging slapen XD, kon 't me niet voorstellen dat je dat bij een gastgezin mag?!)
    Tell me 'bout it!

  13. leuke blog! grappig dat je in lelystad woont.. Ik heb bijna mn hele leven in Almere gewoond!

  14. love these! your hair's simply amazing. x hivenn

  15. I love the blue shorts!! The color is so vibrant and pretty~ (: and the feather earrings are LOVE!

  16. hé, vanwaaar is dat shirtje met de fietsjes? :3