Thursday, October 21, 2010

Innocence gone, never take friendship personal

Yay, I'm feeling better already. Not entirely yet, but we're on track ;p
So it's time again for another outfit of the day, here it is:

with my New Yorker opentoe ankleboots (:
& a picture I took of my boyfriend for school. We had to take photographs of movements and I think this is the best I made:

& one of my father, we just had a small sort of 'photoshoot'. Even though it's underexposed, this one's my fav:

I think all the pics in blogspot are made so small! Even when you choose the biggest size. So you'll just have to click on them, if you want to see them the way they are supposed to be ;)


  1. Hi! Thank you for your comment! You are very beautiful!! I love your hair!!!!!
    keep in touch dear!

  2. they are both lovely! And I really mean it, because out of my experiences, taking a movement photo isn´t really that easy as almost everyone think it is. And your father looks like a good man :)
    (by the way, if you like art, please visit and show some support to photographers)
    I wish you luck with your photography.