Saturday, October 16, 2010

I wonder if you were aware how much you rock my boat

I think I'm down with the flu :(
Anybody some great suggestions to get rid of the soar throat?

Anyway, what I'm wearing today (in fact I wore it yesterday as well, but I slept at my boyfriends' tonight and I didn't bring any other clothes) :

& yesterday I made some cupcakes with my boyfriend, they are sooo sweet (probably because we put way too much icing on them, but it makes it look so cute)! They've got bigass chunks of chocolate and caramel in it, hmm. I think it's quite funny actually, my boyfriend didn't mind we put pink ''princess'' icing on our muffins haha.

and I thought I'd show my face again, in case you forgot it, you know.

I also re-discovered some good music, Incubus! I listened to them about four/five years ago and I forgot all about them, what a shame.
These songs are my favs:
Hope you enjoy it ;)


  1. OH was dat je gezicht! Weet ik dat ook weer :D
    en warrrme thee met honing is de uitkomst
    en strepsils verzachten ook!

  2. hihi, hij zit ook heel erg lekker!
    alleen zitten er pailletjes op, en die doen wel een beetje pijn haha.

    jij bent echt een mooi meisje trouwens!
    leuke outfit ook, en beterschap! <3

  3. Die laatste foto is echt mooi!
    En je outfit is leuk~

  4. wauw, jij bent mooi! mooi rokje :)

  5. Jij hebt echt prachtig, jaloersmakend haar! Leuke outfit!

    xx Cristi

  6. Mmm ik krijg trek in cupcakes! Leuk rokje en je bent een mooi meisje :)!