Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sorry for the hold-up

So guys... long time no see! It has been a few months since my last update and lots has changed. I needed some extra room in my head, so I put a little pause on the blogging :) Not long after my last post my ex-boyfriend and I broke up after a relationship of more than three years. We're still friends now, so no problem here, but still it has been a big change for me. Also, I moved back into Utrecht (yayyy!) and I'm living there with four friends from my hometown. I'm really happy to be back here and I can see my friends more often now. And last but not least, I'm in a new relationship! Maybe my boyfriend will take my outfit-pictures in the future, who knows ;)

I'd like to update you a little, with a few photo's from the last months. Some of its quality is quite crappy, bit ey deal with it. Haven't taken any serious DSLR-photo's, just some with my phone and stuff :) It's gonna be a shitload of pictures, enjoy!

Went an Owl City concert, it was a last minute decision and it was AWESOME!

My new room!

... and my new closet :)

an outfit with my new velvet peplum top!

another one, same top :)

my NYE's dress!

another outfit

little shopping spree at H&M :)

outfit with my new blouse and corduroy pants from H&M (and I cut my hair shorter)

hugging an elephant at V&D yay

most recent face-picture :)

outfit from yesterday, with new blouse and new glitter-skirt! (I always want to wear ALL of my new clothes at once. All of it. Everyday.)

And finally, it's me with my boyfriend at NYE :) 

Now I hope you hadn't forgotten about me yet and I will try to update soon again! 
Have yourself a very nice week. Enjoy :) 




  1. Mooie peplum top, waar heb je die vandaan als ik vragen mag? Love, Marloes.

  2. I love your peplum top!!!^^


  3. Cute picture from you and your boyfriend!
    Love the peplum top..!

    ♥ Linda

  4. Oh you went to Owl City! I saw him in August and loved it. :) Love all your outfits as well. The pic with your bf is great, love the suspenders.

  5. Hello dear!

    I like your blog.

    Do you want to follow each other?