Monday, January 14, 2013

Face it. You are LOVED.

Goooood morning!

How has your weekend been? Do you also sometimes have this thing where on monday you can't remember what you did on saturday? I do... haha. I do still remember what I did yesterday: went to the gym and worked on a paper I have to finish at the end of the month. Not very exiting. I keep dreaming about summer and going on mayor holidays and see the world and stuff and ahhh! I can't wait for the day I have a shit-ton of money and can travel everywhere I want. I'm afraid this day is still very far away, though :( Right now I've only got just about enough money to get groceries for the rest of the month. Guess that's part of being a student. And that when I'm done writing my paper (and many other papers) and have my diploma, I'll get to that shit-ton of money a lot easier ;)

In these pictures I'm wearing a H&M blouse, Pull&Bear studded shorts, Van Haren studded shoes and the necklace I got on ebay (search for 'spike necklace' or something, there's a lot of necklaces like these to find!)

Have a nice week. Make it a great one :)




  1. Love your top! And your hair is gorgeous. Amazing outfit. :)

  2. Je blouse is leuk! Jij ook een fijne week. xxx

  3. wat een leuke blouse! Is die van de nieuwe collectie? x

  4. Leuke outfit, vind de blouse met de ketting echt geweldig!

    xoxo Jessica

  5. Prachtige outfit! Ik vind de blouse erg leuk!!
    liefs Gea,

  6. Haha, succes met je paper en je moneymaker plannen! LEuke outfit :) X

  7. the combination of the blouse and the necklace is amazing *__* it looks great!
    the outfit is perfect :)
    have a nice day ♥

  8. mooi blousje! Volgens mij heb jij het wel verschrikkelijk koud gehad:P

  9. Echt een hele mooie outfit! Je ketting vind ik vooral heel erg mooi!
    Liefs, Iris

  10. Wow, wow,wow, Gorgeous necklace! And lovely shirt! <3
    I think we should follow each other. What do you think? Kisses

  11. Meid wat heb je een mooie kop met haar!! Super
    Mooie look!\

    Check mijn nieuwste blogpost en laat een reactie achter..