Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Don't tell God you've got a big problem, tell your problem you've got a big God!

Hey guys!
On the picture above you can see what my birthday'cake' looked like! I went on a boat-trip with my parents, sister, brother-in-law and boyfriend in Amsterdam last weekend, to celebrate my birthday. My sister made all kinds of healthy snacks :) the weather was great and it was an awesome day.

These are the presents I got! (I got the shoes on the right, the blazer, tshirt and piercings myself though, but it was a birthdaypresent! From me to me.) I reaaaally love the JC lita look-a-likes and they make me so tall. It's awesome not being tiny for once. And I got a cupcakemaker from my parents! Yay! Another present, I couldn't take a picture of, is that I can pick a salsaworkshop :)

And a few pictures of my birthdayparty :)

This was the first time of seeing each other in about 5 years, I think you can tell how frightened of me he was ;)

That's it for today! I'll update with an outfit-post again soon. All I've got to do right now is studying for one last exam (had the second last one today and it didn't go exactly as well as I hoped), so I've got a little bit more time to update my blog! :)

Have a nice week!




  1. Je hebt een schitterende blazer gekocht, die met die rits.
    Waar is die van?

  2. Ziet er gezellig uit! Nog gefeliciteerd he :)

    x Anouk

  3. Gefeliciteerd! Lijkt me een leuke verjaardag!

  4. I love that quote, it's cute and it's so true. I like that picture of your black jacket on the bed.

  5. Happy Birthday!! Verder vind ik bijde hakken heel mooi.

  6. Zo'n boottochtje door Amsterdam lijkt me leuk!
    Nog gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag!

  7. Ziet er gezellig uit! Die schoenen zijn heel mooi :)

  8. Nog gefeliciteerd! je hebt echt leuke cadeaus gekregen, ik heb ook zo´n cupcake maker, echt ideaal:)


  9. Wauw waar zijn je rechter schoenen van !? X