Monday, January 9, 2012

What would you attempt to do, if you knew you could not fail?


My week was full of awesome! Had some sort of prom, finally gave my Christmas-presents to my boyfriend and had a nice weekend. The prom was really nice, I wore my new nelly-dress for the first time. In the beginning I was wearing a pair of high heels (12cm/5inch), but I must say that it didn't make it easier for me to dance. So I took them off and put on some flats, which I brought there in my purse (so happy I did).
That night when we came back, Eric and I gave each other our Christmas presents. I took us so long, because I ordered something and it took a long time for it to be delivered. Eric got me an electric toothbrush, headset+webcam and some pyjamas, like I asked for! I got him a bracelet and a book and something else. He didn't receive it yet, it was delivered this weekend, so I won't post it here until he gets it haha :)
On saturday Eric and I took some photo's at a 'ghost-station', which was supposed to be a trainstation, but eventually they stopped building it. It's a weird place to be, but a cool location to take pics. Afterwards we went into the city and got ourselves some hot cocoa and pie.

Here's all the photo's!

At the ghost-station:

Hot cocao + pie:

photo's taken by Niek Verlaan.

Have a very nice week!




  1. Jij bent zó ongelofelijk knap!


  2. Wat een super leuke foto's allemaal, dat taartje ziet er lekker uit. En wat zag je er prachtig uit op je gala! x

  3. Leuke foto's! En mooie laarsjes heb je aan x

  4. Super mooie foto's en oeeei wat een lekker taartje, haha!

    Wat grappig dat je me gevonden hebt! Ik heb volgens mij wel eens eerder op jouw blog gekeken, toen ik er zelf nog geen had, haha!
    How are you :)?


  5. Heel leuk! You look amazing (:

  6. I love the graffiti shoot! I've always wanted to do a shoot like that! :)

  7. You look beautiful!
    Love your shirt with flowers, is stunning! :)