Wednesday, November 16, 2011

There will be sand in your pockets and nothing on your mind


Last week(end) I've been all over the country! (; Wednesday I had my last exam in Utrecht and went to Eric in Leeuwarden afterwards. Friday we went to a housewarming in Leiden and saturday we were in Lelystad. Sunday I went to my sisters' house in Amsterdam. We made pizza and watched tv. Monday I went back to Utrecht for the first day of the new block.
And the thing is... this weekend I'm gonna do it all over again! Okay, not the entire weekend of course, but I've got another housewarming party this friday in Leiden and the next day I'll be going to visit Eric again in Leeuwarden.

It's getting sooo cold the last few days. I can hardly understand that just one and a half week ago it was still 18 degrees celsius! That's why I picked this title for the blogpost, it's from such a nice song and makes me think of summer and well.. sun. Something I really miss at the moment! I'll put the video somewhere down here in this post.

Here's an outfit again (and yes, it was COLD) :

-this is not the official video, but that one had an advertisement and this one doesn't haha. So it's Josh Pyke - The Summer. Enjoy.-




  1. Dankjewel voor je lieve reactie!

  2. Leuke outfit, vooral je rokje is leeuk!

  3. Oh echt,
    ah balen,
    pff die broeken van H&M pas ik dus nooit -.-'
    Ze zijn wel gaaf, gelukkig dat ze jou zo goed staan!

  4. Love your zip up skirt!