Monday, November 7, 2011

the only journey is the journey within

Hello everyone!

After more than a month, I really (reallyreally) needed to update my blog! It's not just that I'm busy with my study, it's also just laziness. And I must say lack of sunshine doesn't improve the pictures, so I don't often feel like taking them. But two days ago the sun was actually shining brightly and happily and me and my boyfriend had little photoshoot again!
Lately I've been shopping quit a lot, so in the next few posts and this one, there's a lot of new stuff. For example, the high-waist jeans I'm wearing in this post, are new! Also the shoes and the bag, as you've seen in the post before.

And I've got some awesome news! I finally found a room in Utrecht, where I study. It's temporarily, til may 5th, but it gives me plenty of time to find another one. And I'm really happy to have a place to live in Utrecht for now!
My study is going well as well, I did the first few assignments well and my exams aren't too difficult. Next week the next block starts and I'm curious how it'll be.

Anyway, I'm gonna try to update more often again from now on!
Here's the photo's from last saturday:

While we were taking the pics, a man walked by with his puppy and the cutie was all happy and jumping around. I took a few photo's in like, ten seconds and this one was actually nice and sharp! He looks so cute, I have to show you:

And some nail-swatches from the last month: (catrice, etos, essence)

I hope you've all had a nice month as well! Have a nice week!




  1. Wauw! Je bent echt een superknap meisje :o Leuke outfit, mooie foto's x

  2. Wauw echt een hele mooie outfit! En dat hondje, wat een schatje! :D

  3. Wow wat heb jij super mooi haar zeg! Ben echt jaloers haha!

    En ik ken het.. heb het op het moment ook super druk met van alles, bah!

  4. Tof tof tof erg mooie foto's weer! En je ziet er helemaal top uit! En wat leuk dat de foto van het hondje zo goed is gelukt! Je haar is trouwens ook nog steeds erg jaloersmakend.

    Het cadeaupapier zat bij de Flow!

  5. Mooi die nagellakjes!
    En je haar... Prachtig!

  6. Prachtige foto's! En die broek staat je echt helemaal geweldig :)

  7. Super leuke foto's !

  8. Bedankt voor je lieve reactie! :)

    En jij hebt zo ook je eigen stijltje in jouw foto's. echt leuk!
    Dat hondje is superschattig! En jouw top is echt zo mooi! Staat je echt super!


  9. Mooie foto's en geweldige outfit.

    Liefs, Mariette

  10. Die paarse glitternagellak is echt fabulous. En wat is je haar prachtig in die tweede foto! :) X

  11. Jou haar is echt zó mooi! Jaloers, haha.

  12. super mooie foto's en leuke outfit! :D Je haar is ook prachtig ;) xx

  13. Hi!

    My name is Carla from Hope all is well.

    I live here in the US and was wondering if you would like to swap some polishes?

    Let me know at

    Thank you!

  14. dankje voor je lieve reactie :)
    ik ben zooo jaloers op je haar! xx

  15. Leuke outfit en ik vind je haar echt prachtig!

  16. Wow supermooie foto's!
    &Hemeltje wat is die broek perfectie zeg,
    waar is die van if I may ask? (:
    Superlang niet op je blog geweest trouwens!
    Leuk dat je met je vriendje mee was naar school,
    en haha wat heb je dan ongelofelijk veel foto's gemaakt XD
    (eventjes over die andere post!)

  17. Love your blog!! I am now following