Friday, June 24, 2011

she said ''hello mister, pleased to meet ya''

Hey lovelies,

Had a some very nice days lately. There's been a Italian Street Festival in town and I've been to an awesome lake often. It's called crystal lake, there's beautiful crystals there.
In a week I'll be going home again, I can't believe it. Time has gone so fast! I really don't want to leave everybody behind, I've made so many friends I will never see again. I'll just enjoy my last few days here and have fun (:
Tomorrow is the graduation ball, it has a Star Wars theme. How much more impossible could a theme be!? As if I've got darth vader outfit in my closet, just in case! It'll be awesome anyway. Since I got no dressy dresses with me (wouldn't fit in my suitcase), I made a dress out of a bed sheet. Nothing sewed or cut, cause the sheet is from the campus. I'll show you how it looks after the ball! And sunday it's my birthday, I'll be turning 19:D I'm throwing a party at a reservoir, it'll be awesome.

Now let me show you some things I bought lately:

The mascara is horrible. It was only 1 dollar and it wasn't even worth it. Don't ever buy it.
The hairspray on the other hand, is great! I really like the directions haha. And it smells of watermelon, hmm!
The shampoo is really nice as well, makes my hair supersoft. It still smells like it when I've been to the swimming pool (:

And here's my outfit:

Now I'm gonna go the pool again, have a supernice weekend everybody!




  1. Mooi rokje! Wat heb jij super haar zeg ♥

  2. Jij moet model worden, echt een heel mooi meisje ben je. Dankjewel nog voor je comment!

    Liefs, ellen

  3. You look gorgeous! Ik ben verliefd op je haar!
    Bedankt voor je lieve comment! Lijkt het je leuk om elkaar te volgen? Zo ja, volg mij en ik volg je terug!


  4. Wauw! wat een leuke blog heb jij! Ik ben je nieuwe follower :) thanks voor je lieve reactie! Ik vind je echt een beauty haha!
    Liefs xxx

  5. Ik ben erg nieuwsgierig naar je jurk voor het galabal :D ! Je laatste foto's zijn erg leuk trouwens, mooie meid ben je !

  6. Funny blog! Ben benieuwd naar die hairspray! Leuke foto's trouwens

  7. heel leuke outfit!!
    en wat jammer dat je alweer moet gaan bijna :(

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  9. Haha, dat plaatje van die schildpad is zo leuk! En je rokje is echt heel leuk, love it!!

  10. you look so pretty, and the pictures are really amazing...
    share the feeling
    visit <3
    xx the cookies

  11. Origineel hoe je je jurk had gedaan! En dat rokje op de laatste foto's is leuk :D.