Saturday, June 11, 2011

don't let the bullshit of today convince you that you're not beautiful

Hola hola,

The weather is so annoying. The one day you're laying out by the swimming pool, putting on sunscreen every now and then, because the sun is shining so bright.. the next day it's so cold you need to put on your coat when you're going outside and wear long jeans. Today is a day in between: it's not really warm, but not cold enough for a coat. Jeans are too warm as well. So I just tried something out in between: shorts and tights. Later on the day I took off the waistbelt, it looked better without it. But I was too lazy to take new pictures haha.

My new block has started at school, I'm doing Art in Nature now. It's so funny, everyday we've got an hour to draw something, like a flower. As if you need an hour for it (it doesn't even have to look good or anything). And the first day we had to go out in nature, to feel nature. Which means: just go outside and sit in the grass and come back after 20 minutes. Wow, never had such a relaxed class. And everyday we have to work on our journal, so I bought a small, cute journal in which I draw a bit everyday. It'll be a nice memory when I go back home. Such a weird idea that I'll be back in Holland in already three weeks... times goes by so fast!

So anyway, here's my outfit (:

Oh and: 13th of june is a party-day. That day Eric and I have been together for 20 months :D and it's the birthday of my sweet friend Claudia from , so don't forget to wish her happy birthday! (:

Have a great weekend (:



  1. Loes, wat zie je er weer prachtig uit, zoals ik je gewend ben. Leuk, die overbelichte foto's! En die laatste is zooo liiieeeff :33.
    I like dat je onze 20 maanden in je blog zet. Makes butterflies fly 'round in my stomach.

    I LOVE YOU<3

    ps; ik ben gwn commenter #1, aight ;D

  2. Gefeliciteerd morgen! Het weer is echt irritant inderdaad, zo onvoorspelbaar!

  3. Prachtige foto's!

  4. Hey!!
    You look amazing (like always) and I love your shorts/shoes!!

    Thanks so much for following me!!

  5. Wat een prachtig meisje ben je!
    Liefs, Ellen

  6. this cat is uber cute!

  7. Wat een mooie foto´s! Je hebt mooi haar!


    Btw: Ik mag een tegoedbon weggeven van HyKi sieraden-en modeaccesoires t.w.v. 15 euro, misschien vind je het leuk om mee te doen? Hoor het graag!:-)

  8. Gefeliciteerd! En de eerste foto en de laatste foto zijn mijn favorieten! x

  9. leuke blog heb je, ik ga je volgen! :D

  10. moooie foto's!
    & leuke blog!

    ik volg je, volg je mij ook?

  11. Ah die oorbellen zijn geweldig! En leuke otufit ook. + gefeliciteerd met jullie 20 maanden samen zijn. (: xxx

  12. Mooie outfit and heerlijk uitziende cupcakes!
    Kom ook eens voorbij mijn blog! (:
    Love, Charlie