Monday, March 14, 2011

let's swallow fireflies and shine from the inside

Hi everyone!

I've had quite a rough week, having some difficulties at home and it's making me feel awful. But I try to think of the things that make me smile, such as the fact that I found a job! I also went out this weekend and I danced my ass off, it was really nice.
Soooo, I thought it would be nice to put some nice memories together!

the fashionshow in my senior year

girls night at my friends house

enjoying a nice party

vacation in Jordan, we went on a camelride and slept in the desert

my first 'date' with Claudia (;

winter sports vacation with school, the first time I actually snowboarded with succes (;


My 18th birthday party

this nice man in Jordan who wanted to dress me like a native

dancing while taking pictures

every memory with Eric

just go out and have a nice time

staying up ALL night in Amsterdam being tipsy

vacation in Italy and making new friends

celebrating summer with a friend!

tell me something that makes you smile (:




  1. Those pictures are really sweet :)

  2. Haha leuke foto's allemaal :)

  3. Wat een leuke foto's!

    Ik vind het een heel leuk idee om zo een aantal van je leukste foto's/herinneringen in een post te laten zien :D

  4. Ahh superleuk :D
    Haha dat is waar ook, onze first date!
    En na anderhalf jaar nog steeds madly in love hihihi
    xD tuurlijk

  5. Nooooh I'm on one of them xD. What makes me little brother clinging on me and saying I miss you when he purposely calls me. xD