Monday, May 20, 2013

Yay, I won a give-away! :D

Hi dear readers!

I always find it very encouraging that - even though I haven't posted in weeks - I'm still getting new followers! Since my last post about 5 more, also on Bloglovin'. Thanks ladies (mostly ladies, although there's a few men following my blog... maybe 3%)!

A few weeks ago I won my very first giveaway, hurray! It was from and Rowan, the owner of the blog, made me a painting of myself. I sent her a picture and today she sent me the painting and it looks awesome.

This is the painting :D

And this was the original picture:


Pretty awesome, right? Thanks Rowan!

By the way, I haven't posted any outfitupdates and stuff, because I've been very busy (and when I wasn't busy, I was tired haha). I've moved in with my boyfriend: we got our own appartment! It's really nice already, but we still need a couch. So when the entire appartment is finished, I'll show it to you guys :) We've even got a bubblebath and all, very fancypants.

Have a very nice week!




  1. Mag ik in je bad?

    Oja, als je nog shit nodig hebt dan is heel handig.

  2. Super mooi geworden zeg! <3

  3. Ik had het al gezien op de blog van Rowan. Echt prachtig! ♥