Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Make the money; don't let the money make you

 Hi guys!

Since I haven't done any outfit-updates lately - because I just wore boring stuff or didn't really feel like taking pics -, I thought it would be nice to have a whatever-update :) So this post contains some stuff I've bought and some random photo's from my week.
Last week I went on a little shopping spree with some friends and we went to a new Primark shop. I've been having some money troubles lately because of some hassle with studyfinance and stuff and I guess it's obvious that Primark is the place to be when you're     shopping on a budget.. :) Here's what I bought!

 Bikini! Not quite necessary yet, but it looked cute, which is a good reason for buying it. Period.

 Pyjama shorts, for only four euros. And: also cute. :)

A nice and warm knitted circlescarf. This was one of the things I did actually need and it was only 
ONE euro, yay!

Simple black pumps. I chose this pair because the heel wasn't too high: these shoes will be worn
during work. I'll be working as a hostess at a football stadium and I needed black pumps for the
job. I didn't even have those yet, I fail in basic clothing :(

 These armygreen skinnyjeans are SO soft and comfy, woah. Most comfortable pair of jeans ever!

This is the only thing I didn't buy at Primark; it's from H&M. I had a housewarming party later
that week with an animal-theme. I already knew I was gonna be dressed as a cat, so the shirt
matched perfectly :)
Also new: these ikea chairs and an elephant! Bought the chairs with my housemates for our 
shared room/living room (it's acutally way too tiny for a living room, but who cares) and we tried 
them out on the way home in the tram :) The elephant was an impulse purchase, but then again: it 
was cute. So I bought it.

This is me with my fancypancy bunny-elephant! Bought the bunny-ears for my housewarming 
party later that night, with the animal-theme. I was pretty sure not everyone had something to
dress up with, so I thought some extra bunny-ears wouldn't be out of place ;)

And finally: the housewarming party! You can spot me on the right with the cat-ears ;) I took a lot
of photos, but with an analogue camera, so I'll have to get them developed first. I really can't wait to 

see them!

Also, I would like to recommend some music to you guys! It's from Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, two rappers who make really catchy music with awesome lyrics. The three following songs are my favourites atm:

Trift Shop:

Same Love, a song about gay rights:

& last but not least: Make The Money. The title of this blogpost came from this song. 'Make the money, don't let the money make you. Change the game, don't let the game change you.'

Enjoy :)




  1. Wat een leuke foto's! Dat katten shirt is gaaf :)

  2. Leuke foto's, en de muziek van Macklemore is echt tof inderdaad! x

  3. Super leuke post! Je hebt ook een fantastische bos haar! :D

  4. leuke post!
    Bedankt voor de reactie op mijn blog!