Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Anyone who has never made a mistake, has never tried anything new


I thought I should do a post about my new stuff again. Haven't done that in a while, so hey. Not that I haven't bought anything in the meantime, though...

The earrings above I bought at six. I was looking for a new pair of black feather earrings (you might have noticed I have a slight feather earrings obsession... it's true) since my last pair was ruined after the feathers got wet somehow. I really like these! The blue feather makes it a little less boring, because come on.. just black feathers is kind of monotonous ;)

And then these two beautiful skirts! I got them at ebay. I know they don't look that pretty in the pictures, but that's just my lack of photographyskills and the fact that the skirts are creased. Or my lack of ironingskills. (just kidding, I didn't even try to iron them yet)

Anyways, in the next picture you can see how the skirt really looks and, as a bonus, how messy my room is! Yes, I hang my towels over my chairs. To let them dry.

And then, last but not least, my new dress! It has a bright coral-pinkish color, the photo is a bit off. I got this dress at New Yorker. The front:

And the back (I like this the most)

Detail of the back:

That's it for today. Next post I will show you guys an outfit with the red assymetrical skirt! :)




  1. OMG I loooove the dress! So beautiful! <3

  2. Geweldig zijn ze he! Ik kreeg ze ook zo gekreukt binnen maar ik durf ze niet te strijken omdat de stof zo dun is, haha.

  3. Wat een leuke nieuwe aankopen! Ik moet echt weer eens oorbellen gaan proberen te dragen..

  4. Leuke aankopen! Vooral de verenoorbellen en de rokken, mooie shape hebben ze x

  5. I loove the black skirt! I actually just ordered one myself as well! :-)

    btw I have a give away at the moment with a pair of studded shorts and a black clutch. You can join it here if you'd like:


  6. Wauw, je rokken zijn geweldig. Liefs

  7. wauw die rokken zijn echt heel leuk! Ben benieuwd naar outfit foto`s!