Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter-cupcakes and angry chickens

Hey readers!

How was Easter for you guys? This year was the first one for me spending Easter not at home with my parents. In stead I was in my own room in Utrecht with Eric. To keep the Easter-spirit alive, we made some cupcakes with chocolate Easter-eggs :) We brought them to my sisters' house, where we spent the evening with family. And I left the rest in front of my roommates doors as a little surprise :)

I tried to make butter-cream, but I put all the ingredients together immediately, while I should've waited with the butter. So I just gave up and made my own kind of butter-cream. It was tasty though.

The next day we went to the park, just to find the ugliest chickens ever. They came running up to us and we laughed so hard.

But as fast as they came running up to us, they ran away again. They just totally ditched me. How bitchy.

Not only do they eat grass..

..also, they like to eat humans. 

Look at its anger! Its wrath!

You are warned.

Have a nice week ;)




  1. Haha leuke post vooral met die kipputjes xD! mooie schoenen heb je trouwens aan <3! Fijne Pasen nog =]!

    xxx Katy ^^!

  2. Ah wat een leuke foto's! En mooie heels. (:

  3. Haha die kippen zijn inderdaad lelijk! & Gemeen haha :P Leuke foto's!
    Liefs x

  4. Haha die kippen! Leuke foto's. x

  5. heheh, the chickenns are really angry :), and the cupcakes looks so yummy! :)


  6. Hahaha die kippen zijn baas xD

  7. Hahahaha die kippen zijn geweldig!