Monday, August 8, 2011

Look around: happiness is trying to catch you

Hola amigas (and a few amigos),

Hope you're all doing good! I'm bored to death really, I've got nothing and everything to do at the same time. I've had a four-day weekend and realized that when you've got a job, you start appreciating the weekend more. But since Eric is on vacation, friends are busy with their own jobs/boyfriends/stuff, I've done absolutely nothing the whole weekend! Even my partents weren't home, I've been such a loner (; I just finished fixing up all the papers and letters and documents I needed to fill in for my study. And I rediscovered our wii and played some wii-fit!
So today I decided to finally take some pictures of my outfit again! During the week I don't really have time for that, cause I've got to work. And then still: my work-outfit is hideous, so I wouldn't even want to show it haha.

Some time ago I bought this shirt at H&M and I reaaally love it! So I wore it today again:

And another thing, I've been singing a little bit more lately. I'd really like to know what you think and how I could improve! Just click the vids to leave a comment on youtube :)

Thanks for reading/watching and have a nice week!




  1. je zingt goed! :D en hele leuke foto's!

  2. Mooie top!
    Ik hou een give away op mijn blog!
    Doe mee!
    Liefs, Charlie

  3. I love that top too!
    I bought it when i was at the H&M in Texas.
    I wore mine today haha.
    Im short so its like a normal top for me :D
    District of Fashion

  4. Die laatste video, daar ben je echt SUPER GOED! (in die andere ook hoor) en leuke top x

  5. leuke top!
    En in de laatste video zit je haar echt leuk!

  6. Ik vind je het best zingen in het laatste filmpje! En die top is echt koelie.

  7. Het laatste filmpje zing je goed!
    Ik vind die top echt erg leuk bij de outift pics! xx

  8. I wanted to buy this shirt too :D ! But I didn't because I thought I would never wear it... but it looks great on you though !

  9. Love your look!!
    Dat laatste nummertje is echt goed! :)

  10. I like the shirt! it's so beautiful, the colour too. But maybe I would never wear it, I don't knwo whym, there're things I like how it looks on other person but no how it looks on me, don't no why, heheh.
    I liek your voice, it's really nice!

  11. Thank you for the comment :)
    I follow you :) Hope you'll do the same :D
    And...I'm searching for something red to combinate with a Mango red bag but really it doesn't suit me that well as you! :)
    Nice top!

  12. Hello there sweetie! Thanks for following me, I'm following as-well! Great post!
    Greatings from Rhodos!
    xoxo Kiki

  13. Awesome tee shirt, I love the quote at the top btw! x

  14. Cute crop top and great white pants!

  15. ah i like your outfit ♥ Hugg

  16. Well, to be honest you're not particularly good.