Monday, July 18, 2011

you can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore

Hey sweeties!

I've been back in Holland for more than two weeks now and I really wouldn't mind going back to America! I mean, come on, Dutch summers must be the worst. It's raining all day, clouds everywhere and it's not even warm. But on the other side, it's really hot and humid in America, so both aren't perfect. I guess I'll just have to wish for better for now!
Instead of whining about the weather, let me tell you some good news! Today I've been admitted to the study I want to do: Liberal Arts and Sciences! I'm sooo happy and I'm really looking forward to starting it. The awesome thing about LAS is that you can choose your own subjects in the first year, so you can try alot of things out. I think it'll be totally awesome. Now all I have to do, is find a place to live in Utrecht (if anybody knows a place, please let me know! :).

I've celebrated my birthday again, the friday after I arrived in Holland. It was really nice to see my friends again and I made some snacks. I had a few presents, which I will show in this post.
Last week I made cupcakes with Eric, but I forgot to put the photo's on my computer, so I'll show them next post. They looked supercute (;

Now here's an outfit pic, from last week:

some presents I got:

sunglasses I bought myself (; (just ONE euro!):


WOAH end of post! See you next time and have a nice day! (:




  1. Wat heb jij moooooooooi haar zeg! Leuke spulletjes gekregen ook :)

  2. love the outfit post!! ♥

  3. so so right about the weather!! cannot agree more! love love your tee girl, love the oversized effect and the print! so funny

  4. Dat bronzer/highlighter van The body shop heb ik ook! Vind het echt een super product :D X Cindy

  5. Cool skirt! And all outfit! Like it! :)

    Please visit my blog and if you like it, follow me. :)

  6. :) thank you
    i know you cant read my spanish blog but I put a translator in the right of the blog to translate it.
    I hope you check out it. kisses

  7. Dankje voor je reactie! Mooie outfit dit! :)

  8. Wat een leuke post! Mooie spulletjes :)! En je outfit is ook heel leuk! Je ziet er altijd leuk uit ;)!

    Dank je voor je reactie!

  9. wauw dat rokje dat je draagt is echt super leuk en die zonnenbrillen die je hebt gekocht ook!

  10. Leuk rokje en ik vind je haar erg mooi!